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Friday, January 10, 2014

Kill Barbie

Slowly but purposefully Tanya retreats into the distance, attempting to blend in with the motley assortment of characters dotting a Long Beach sidewalk. Mercedes loses sight of her within a few blocks. Both women had hastily donned long jackets to cover their bloodstained clothing and now Mercedes is sweating profusely as she heads back to the Beacon Inn. She and Tanya had agreed to split up immediately after completing the grim task which had brought them to this city. According to plan Mercedes will linger for a few days and then drift back to her hometown of San Juan where Tanya will rejoin her later in the year. Tanya never arrives. Now, more than a decade later, memories of three solitary nights in a dingy, muggy Long Beach motel room have burned themselves onto Mercedes' brain. Even then she had sensed that Tanya would disappear - not temporarily, but forever. Quiet attempts to locate her or her remains had yielded nothing until an inclement November morning in 2013. Mercedes boards a jet from Miami to Los Angeles even though she strongly doubts the accuracy of the sighting. Half a day later she stands inside a dilapidated warehouse near the airport, staring at the woman who had vanished into the ether so many years earlier. Shock, recrimination, and anger well up inside her like a dam about to burst. She steps outside and breathes heavily for a few minutes. Tanya, who now uses the name "Muscle Barbie" for her fitness career, will perish. Prior to her demise, however, she will suffer the most heinous of sexual indignities, a campaign of carnal torture which could only be devised by the former associate who once knew her better than anyone else in the world.. ("K*ll Barbie" - starring Mercedes Ashley and Tanya Danielle - contains naked exercise, chokeholds, lesbian domination, spanking, slapping, truly frightening props, forced dildo sucking, belly torture, hair pulling, facesitting, boot licking, ass worship, face slapping, forced orgasm, female ejaculation, and facial cumshot.)

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Friday, August 12, 2011

Buxom Librarians in Bondage

An armed intruder has broken into the Library of Congress and taken two employees hostage. He rips off their official blazers to ascertain whether or not the two women, Mercedes Ashley and Tanya Danielle, are carrying weapons. Instead of discovering sidearms he finds that both women are concealing very ample chests underneath their conservative apparel. He quickly binds them with coarse white rope and gags them with white strips of cloth. "You ladies feel free to entertain yourselves while I step out for a moment." he tells them mockingly as he departs from the room. Mercedes and Tanya struggle against their ropes and attempt to communicate through their tight gags. Their frustration builds to a fever pitch. When their captor returns he sees both defiance and indignation blazing in their eyes. "Oh, good.. I like feisty women." he says with relish. The librarians react with renewed fury. He laughs and begins to literally rip off all of their clothing - leaving them clad in only their thigh-high stockings and stilettos - so he can enjoy the sight of their beautiful, voluptuous bodies writhing on the floor. Buy this stunning video to witness the two librarians attempting to maintain their dignity after being bound, gagged, and disrobed by their leering attacker..

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Friday, July 29, 2011

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Vampiress Sexfight

Eddie and Tanya married in 1999. After nearly ten years of bliss Tanya admitted to Eddie that she had a burning desire to explore her lesbian fantasies. She wanted him to allow her lover, exotic beauty Mercedes Ashley, into their home. Eddie quickly agreed and he and his wife embarked on an erotic, sex-filled adventure with their new Puerto Rican paramour. The years have sped by and recently, on a languorous Tuesday afternoon, Mercedes tells Tanya that she wants to remove Eddie from the equation and keep Tanya all for herself. This statement rocks Tanya to her core and she informs Mercedes that she could never leave her husband. "Oh, really?" Mercedes says before throwing Tanya onto the floor. "I'm the only lover that you need." Tanya begins to protest and the two women find themselves embroiled in an emotionally-charged sexfight, a battle for female supremacy in which the winner completely dominates the body, mind, and soul of the other. Each woman holds her own until Mercedes leads Tanya into their bedroom. "I have a secret that I've been keeping from you." Mercedes tells her as they lie down on the bed together. Tanya stares at her, momentarily unable to pull her thoughts away from the kissing, toe-sucking, tribbing contest which has left her horny, overheated, and needing more. "Let me show you something." Mercedes says as she turns her back to Tanya. A few tension-filled moments pass before something that seems like a flash of lightning fills the room. Tanya sits bolt upright just as Mercedes whips around and bares her fangs. Fangs?? Tanya cannot believe her eyes. Before she knows it Mercedes has mounted her and begun attempting to sink her teeth into Tanya's neck. The blonde knows that she is fighting for her life as she struggles to free herself from Mercedes' powerful grip on her wrists. "I will suck the lifeblood out of your neck and then force you to orgasm. Soon you will be a vampire just like me!" Terror fills Tanya's soul. Mercedes relishes her fear. "And do you know what will become of poor Eddie?" Mercedes taunts her cruelly. "He will become our sex toy and we will drain all the lifeblood out of his body through his cock!!"... Will Mercedes succeed in biting Tanya's neck and forcing her to orgasm? Or will Tanya be able to protect her husband and herself from the vampiress' fiendish plot?

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mercedes Dominates Roger

Poor Roger is in trouble. He has fallen into the clutches of lethal dominatrix Mercedes Ashley. The Mercedes Dominates Roger series will be coming to later this month. Both the Goldie Dominates Roger and Tanya Dominates Roger series are available at now!


Sunday, June 27, 2010